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Action research – Nurture


The paper is about an action research on the effectiveness of a nurture group in a Scottish secondary school setting. The section I would like assistance with is a description/analysis of specific difficulties I have faced during the research.I will be attaching some articles that are relevant to the topic, however, the writer should expand the research and the literature/sources used. Unfortunately 2 files are too big so I am unable to attach but I am sure I would be able to send it in email if needed. It is also very important that the word numbers given for the three sections are kept and followed. Challenges faced during the course of the action research 1. Access to participants/data 800 words • The role of an outside researcher / challenges Insider-outsider-inbetweener? Researcher positioning, participative methods and cross-cultural educational research by L Milligan, 2014 The external researcher in participatory action research by Dickson and Green, 2001 The space between: On Being an Outsider-Insider in Qualitative Research by Dwyer and Buckle, 2009 Etc. • School dynamics and their impact on the research (understanding power dynamics of the institution where the research takes place, Senior Leadership Team and middle management and the stability of the leadership structure) Research – practice partnerships in education: Outcomes, dynamics, and open questions by Coburn and Penuel, 2016 School leadership: Beyond education management by Grace, 2005 Etc. 2. Changes of participants in the research 700 words • Participants dropping out from the Nurture Group due to various reasons (moving away, transfer to other school, withdrawal from the group, etc.) • New pupils joining the group missing the initial (diagnostic) assessment and/or data collection 3. Failure to receive sufficient data from the participants during the semi-structured interview 700 words

• Psychological and social dynamics behind the child, reasons for not answering Cognitive and affective development in adolescence by Steinberg, 2005 Etc. If needed I am happy to send the research proposal / my comments of the previous order in order to avoid confusion. 

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