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Apply theories of Organisational Development and Change Management

Apply theories of Organisational Development and Change Management (


Paper details:

In this assessment you are required to choose an organisation in 5*hotel or KFC, analyse the current environmental factors (internal and external) that might trigger a (some) change(s). Throughout this analysis, you need to apply theories of Organisational Development and Change Management (ODC) to better lead a successful change and to propose recommendations for the change. These theories include mix of organisational science and behavioural knowledge. The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect on how you can understand change management theories and research and effectively apply that understanding to improve change management in practice. You must follow this Case-study Structure: Executive summary (not counted as the content) Table of content 1.0 Introduction1.1. introduction and background to the company, brief introduction to the internal and external environment and the proposed change 1.2. aims and scope of the study Body paragraphs 2.0 In-depth analysis 2.1. Organisation’s environment (internal and external) 2.2. Current and future state (how the environmental factors trigger a (some) change(s)) 3.0 Implementing the change 3.1. Determine a model (or a combination of models) of planned change 3.2. Determine the possible sources of resistance 4.0 Recommendations (interventions to manage resistance and smooth the change) 4.1 Recommendations for managers 4.2 Recommendations for employees 4.3 Recommendations for similar companies 5.0 Conclusion

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