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Update the SAW for the additional functional area you selected by completing Section 2: Purpose Statement and Section 3: Performance Standards. In the Section 2: Purpose Statement table, provide thoughtful answers to the four questions to arrive at your purpose statement for each functional area. Explain how the purpose statement will help produce effective results. In the Section 3: Performance Standards table, identify at least three strategically aligned performance standards that will be used to measure the performance of the functional area team. Provide a rationale for each identified performance standard and explain how managers can support the team through measuring performance and taking corrective action.rite one 2–3 page summary analysis on the sections you just completed for your SAWs. In your analysis, address the following questions: For each SAW, explain how the purpose statement for that functional area addresses the people leadership aspects of management by promoting trust, motivating employees, and supporting collaboration. Assess potential management challenges associated with the purpose statement. For each SAW, explain how the performance standards reflect strategic alignment with the organization, through support of the other sections of the SAW (the goals and activities and purpose statement) and your revised organizational charts. Indicate the research you used to support your work. Describe the current or past experience (if any) you used as the basis for this activity. 

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