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financial analysis

As an individual you will need to analyse a set of company annual reports and produce a report on the financial health of the various companies. A second part of the assessment is to discuss the drawbacks of these types of financial analyses. Your report should include the following sections: 1. Financial Analysis (4 pages) 2. Limitations of the Analysis (1 page) The financial analysis should summarise the business performance and should present the performance metrics and ratios taught in the course. As well as the raw numbers, this should include a discussion about what these mean and how they should be read. A short conclusion at the end, presenting key findings about the overall health of the companies, should be included. The limitations section, which is only 1 page or around 400 words, should highlight any drawbacks or limitations of these types of analyses – they are far from perfect. You will need to do some external research for this section.

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