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Global Business- U.S. Exports.

Description Answer The Following Questions To the Best of Your Ability. 1. Explain the various export payment terms available, which offers the most protection to the seller. Why is an exporter that is to be paid in six months in foreign currency worried about fluctuating exchange rates. Are there ways that this exporter can protect itself? (20 points) 2. Explain the difference between and No License Required and a License Required condition for U.S. Exports. Under what circumstances would the U.S. government require an exporter to obtain an individually validated license? In your response concerning the validated license, please provide what you might consider an example of the product that would require such a license. 3. What does selling a standardized product imply? In what ways might a product be adapted for global markets? What factors encourage global standardization of a product? What factors encourage firms to adapt their product for a foreign market? 4. Why is a knowledge of the impact of communication important for the international manager? Why is listening so important in intercultural communication? Give examples of non-verbal signals that have different meanings in other cultures (hand gestures, facial expressions and so on).

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