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Memorandum for the case

 1. You are free to search for the status of the case, including recent developments and other information related to the case, at the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access database that is made available at the Wisconsin Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) site online. Search “CCAP Wisconsin” in Google to find the site, log in, and use Case Number “17cv2011” and Waukesha County as your search parameters to find the details on the case. 2. You cannot assume anything and must reach out, as best you can, to verify what you think you know. 3. the first part should be an Identification of Legal Issues section. This section will specify the specific factual or legal questions that the court must resolve to determine whether each of the claims and counterclaims have merit. See the project materials and Mr. Esposito or me during office hours for assistance on development of the legal issues. Focus on the law related to the claims. This is primarily a breach of contract case, at least according to the pleadings. The first three counts of the Complaint are about breach of contract. So perhaps contract law principles, might be relevant to these disputes. 4. the second part should be an Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses section, in which the team will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s legal position and identify which party or parties the team would expect to prevail on each claim or cause of action. Since there is no access to other documents or evidence, focus on the legal issues. If the plaintiff’s version of the facts is proven, will the plaintiff win? If the defendant’s version of the facts is proven, will the defendant win? 5. write professionally.

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