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The ‘re-politicization’ of participation as advocated by Hickey and Mohan

Is the ‘re-politicization’ of participation as advocated by Hickey and Mohan, desirable and operationalizable in the context of contemporary development practice Academic Level : Professional Paper details The paper should be 2750 words long. Sources to be used and more information about the topic: Main Reading: S. Hickey and G. Mohan Participation: From Tyranny to Transformation? Exploring new approaches to participation in development, London Zed Books, 2004. Other Sources This session focuses on participatory methods in the context of development practice. The aim of using such approaches is to give voice to those who will be affected by the particular development issues under discussion. However, critical assessments have shown this approach needs to be carefully assessed. We will ask whether participatory methods are always empowering for the most vulnerable, marginalised and rarely heard social groups and whether employing participatory methods will ensure the creation of inclusivity and negate unequal power relations. These questions will be addressed by looking at how these approaches work in practice. Core Readings Linda Mayoux and Robert Chambers (2005) Reversing the paradigm: quantification, participatory methods and pro-poor impact assessment, Journal of International Development, 17: 271–298. I. Kapoor ‘The devil’s in the theory: a critical assessment of Robert Chambers’ work on participatory development’ Third World Quarterly, vol 23, no 1, pp 101 – 117, 2002 S. Kumar, and S Corbridge, ‘Programmed to fail? Development Projects and the Politics of Participation’ The Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 39, No. 2, pp. 73-103, 2002.

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